Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Tiger Lilies" - Sold

This painting (15" x 22") was painted as a demonstration for the painting group "Collage" which that day was meeting in Gahanna, Ohio. It was painted as a demonstration of 'negative' painting (bringing out the subject by painting the negative areas behind the subject). This particular painting just 'slid' off the brush. Those are a joy to do, but the paintings that are labored over are no less valid. SOLD

"Tulips, Daffodils, and More"

This painting is 15" x 22" and is a mixed media painting. I used silk dyes, India inks, watercolor and gesso for this painting. The dyes and inks provided the vivid colors and I painted it in an impressionistic manner, in an effort to express the 'feeling' of a spring garden.

Oriental Poppy

This is a very small painting (framed image size: 4" x 6") done in my watercolor class last Tuesday. One of our class, Susan, who is as fine a gardner as she is a painter, brought in a beautiful bouquet of oriental poppies. Looking for the 'essence' or 'symbol' for the poppy, I tried to reproduce the crinkled petals by placing tissue paper onto the moist paint and letting it dry there. It gave a wonderful texture to the poppy petals and accomplished it's purpose. The other symbols, the drooping flower, the black center, also serve to tell the viewer - 'this is an oriental poppy'.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Rose is a Rose

This is a small painting. I found it fascinating to mix dyes, watercolor, gesso and watermedia pencils to add interest to the subject. There is a lot of entertainment in this painting because of the textures and different media. It was painted in a loose, painterly manner, hopefully expressing the essence of the rose in a new way.